The Importance of Being Your Own Advocate

Hear from Bag It Founder, Sherri Romanoski, as she shares with Impact Gap the importance of patient-physician communication, being your own advocate, and survivorship. Impact Gap is a graduate student-run, patient-centered podcast group at the University of Toronto. Their mission is to provide a platform to amplify patient perspectives, acknowledge patients as experts in their care, and raise awareness for important patient issues.

Organizational Mission and Purpose

Listen to a conversation between Bag It Executive Director, Mindy Griffith and Matt Nelson, about Bag It’s purpose and what it means to have an organizational mission. They will discuss how that relates to workplace culture on his podcast Culture @ Work. Culture @ Work focuses on learning from and celebrating the local leaders, businesses, and non-profit organizations who’ve stood the test of Tucson time.

Follow Your Passion

Join Bag It Board Member, Matt Nelson, as he speaks with Epic Rides founder, Todd Sadow, about following your passion and how that relates to workplace culture. Bag It is a beneficiary of the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. We are so happy to share more about this energetic group of mountain bikers.

“Wellness Wednesday”

By Mindy Griffith

“As part of our Wellness Wednesday series Mindy talks about being prepared for appointments in your role of advocating for yourself.

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Self Advocacy – Creating Your Care Plan

Presented by Mindy Grifitth for A Cure In Sight’s Eye Believe Survivorship Seminar.

For this seminar Mindy presented on how to be your own best advocate, as your healthcare starts with you. Watch the video to learn some tips to feel more comfortable sharing your needs with your healthcare team, why you should speak up for yourself and how and why to have a care plan.