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Bag It Cancer–through our Bag It Bag and website–gives you access to support and reliable resources about cancer diagnosis, stages, treatment, clinical trials, recovery and more.  Patients, caregivers and healthcare providers look to us for the latest cancer research and information.

Explore the Bag It Bag–in English and Spanish–and the additional Resources on our website.

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Cancer Treatment Resources– Bag It

What’s in the Bag

Current, Comprehensive, and Customizable
Our goal is to help empower patients, through information, to help them navigate a cancer diagnosis. From initial diagnosis, throughout treatment, and in to all phases of survivorship, Bag It guides patients on how to talk to their healthcare providers, ask questions, and serve as the most important advocate on their care team.

The Bag It bag includes:

Cancer Patient – Bag It

My Companion Guidebook

This customizable guidebook provides a comprehensive selection of resources to help patients and their care team keep information organized and easily accessible. These resources include:

  • Dividers to help you keep your information organized
  • Logs and calendars to keep track of appointments, side-effects, and symptoms
  • Places to store lab results, reports, referrals, diagnostic testing information, treatment summaries, follow-up care plans, and other information from your medical team
  • Notepaper where you can write questions and comments before and during your doctor visits, for future reference
  • A selection of patient resources to help patients, families, and caregivers on a variety of  topics, such as finances, workplace matters, and emotions
  • A glossary of terms and a survivorship checklist
  • The personal My Companion Journal

Make it your own! Whether you’re a techie or a pen and paper lover, the guidebook content is designed so patients can personalize the content. Organize and store records, write down questions, log appointments or symptoms on a calendar, log medications and symptoms, and more. You can also download and print patient forms so you can expand and customize the guidebook using exactly the resources you want and use the most. Learn quickly about new cancer resources, research and events by joining our mailing list.

Leading Cancer Resource Publications

Paths to Survivorship, published by Bag It, combines the most relevant and requested content from the most respected cancer authorities and provides them in a single, easy-to-navigate publication. The topics in this go-to guide are relevant from the point of initial diagnosis through all phases of survivorship. The content is compiled from the American Institute for Cancer Research, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the National Cancer Institute, the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, and Cancer Care, Inc.

Taking Time, published by the National Cancer Institute, discusses the many emotions that come with having cancer, how it can affect relationships, and how to communicate with others in your life.

CancerResource: Living Well with Cancer and Beyond (updated version of the Heal Well booklet), from the American Institute for Cancer Research, provides information on nutrition and cancer. The content includes common questions people ask about diet, nutrition, and physical activity during and after cancer treatment and offers suggestions for common cancer or treatment-related symptom management.

Caring for the Caregiver, from the National Cancer Institute, provides ways friends, family members, and caretakers can take care of themselves while caring for someone with cancer.

Cancer Education Resources – Bag It

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Patient Forms

These forms are included in My Companion Guidebook, along with tabbed sections with helpful tips.

The forms below are in PDF format. Using Acrobat Reader, you can download the individual forms
you need or download as a complete packet to print and complete by hand.

You can also download them as fillable forms to complete them right on your computer by simply
typing information into the displayed fields. You can then print your completed forms and also save
them to your computer to edit and update as needed.

The forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher for viewing.
To download Acrobat Reader DC desktop version, click here. The software is free.

You can also download the free Android or iOS version of the mobile app from Google Play.

Tab 1 Section Forms

Tab 2 Section Forms

Tab 3 Section Forms – Extra Note Paper and Feedback Form

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