Photo of company fundraiser

Be A Bag It Fundraiser

Interested in holding an event to benefit Bag It and spread the word?

Here are some fundraiser ideas that have worked for other people.

Celebrate Life Events

A great way to celebrate you and yours and also give back to something meaningful. Ask people to donate to Bag It in lieu of gifts to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or other milestones.

Fundraise at Work

Get creative at work, have some fun, boost morale and raise money to support Bag It!

  • Casual Day–A certain donation amount would earn you a casual dress day
  • Bake Sale–Have everyone pitch in and donate baked goods/all sales are donated. You could do this all on one day at the office or if not in the office, people could offer to deliver the baked item (in town) to the highest bidder during a certain week/day.
  • Parking Spot–Start a bidding war for the best parking spot/or the first person to donate a certain amount on the 1st gets the spot for that month.
  • No Shave November–Have people donate towards your No Shave Campaign or don’t shave until you reach a certain amount of donations.
  • Holiday Gift Wrapping–Have volunteers wrap presents for employees for a donation. To maximize your fundraising, see if you could get wrapping paper donated.
  • Compete with Another Company or Department–If you have a friendly rival, challenge them to a competition of who can get the most donations in a certain time period.

For more ideas check out this site

Hold a Facebook Fundraiser

Setting up a fundraiser on Facebook is easy. You might do this for a birthday, a cancerversary or just because! Just follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your Facebook account and enter “Bag It Cancer Support” in the search bar to take you to the Bag It Facebook page. If you are signed into your Facebook account, you can use this link to go directly to the Bag It page.
  2. Once on the Bag It page, click on “Fundraisers” in the “more” dropdown menu or the mobile scroll bar. You can also use this link to go directly to the fundraising page.
  3. Click on the “+ Raise Money” icon.
  4. The box that appears will walk you through the set-up of your fundraiser. The fundraiser you set up is customizable with a title, goal, end date, why, and photo. Personalization improves outcomes, but please only add what you are comfortable sharing publicly.
  5. Select “Create” to publish your fundraiser and share it to your Facebook timeline.

You can maximize your efforts by posting to your page so it reappears in activity feeds. You can also click the “share” button and select either to post it to your timeline again (you can even tag your friends and family) or send it in a private message to a list of recipients you choose. To make sure your friends see your page, you can always paste the URL into an email to let them know what you are doing.

Host An Event

Have an event in your home or with a group and raise funds for Bag It. Bag It is happy to join you to talk more about Bag It either virtually or in person.

  • Mahjongg tournaments
  • Cocktail or wine/cheese party
  • Trivia Night