Cancer Advocates

In 2010, Bag It Cancer decided to close the circle on the patient care by creating programming designed to provide continuing education specific to both the professional and personal needs of cancer advocates.  These special advocates are individuals who work to help improve the lives of people with cancer.

Here is what these special advocates do:
  • Support those living with cancer
  • Raise awareness about cancer and related issues
  • Advance cancer research
  • Improve the quality of cancer care
  • Address legislative and regulatory issues affecting cancer care and research

Escape to THRIVE Leadership Conference for Cancer Advocates

From this, we introduced Escape to THRIVE, a leadership conference like no other, designed for individuals on the front lines as professionals or nonprofit volunteer cancer survivorship advocates. Through this unique and intimate conference experience, we provide continuing education and give front line advocates the opportunity to form powerful partnerships, receive the latest continuing education on the future of patient care, and learn ways to find personal balance, including the management of compassion fatigue and burnout.

Additional Resources for Cancer Advocates:

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

Cancer.Net’s Being A Cancer Advocate 

Visit our Bag It Resource Center for additional resources.