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Do you know someone diagnosed with cancer?

Are you struggling to find a way to reach out and support someone you know who’s been diagnosed with cancer?

  • Give the right information, right when they need it
  • Give peace of mind
  • Give empowerment
  • Give hope
Give The Gift Notebook

“When I received my Bag It Bag, I was newly diagnosed and feeling a bit overwhelmed. I set it aside for about a week, then began to look through all the amazing materials in the bag. The bag had exactly the tools I’d been scrambling for to stay organized, and the materials have information I’ve found helpful at every stage of my cancer diagnosis. This was a gift of peace of mind.”

Give the Gift of a Bag It Bag

The Bag It bag, is an invaluable, doctor-recommended resource that provides information and tools to anyone at any stage and with any type of cancer. Bag It gives patients and caregivers access to a whole community of information and support.

Each bag includes resources to help those with a cancer diagnosis to:

  • Better navigate their healthcare journey
  • Become their own best advocates on their healthcare team
  • Keep important medical information organized and right at their fingertips
  • Have ready access to top resources on managing diet, alleviating symptoms and side-effects, physical activity, and more
  • Meet and join a whole community of fellow patients and survivors who can provide resources, encouragement, and hope

What’s in the Bag

The Bag It Bag includes the most respected, doctor-recommended resources for patients and their caregivers. Information is up to date, reviewed, and compiled into a single, easy-to-navigate resource. Learn more

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