For two decades, it has been our honor to share the Bag It Bag with cancer patients and caregivers to arm them with trustworthy tools and information.

We promise to continue to help cancer patients be organized and ready to advocate for themselves.

20 Years of Empowering Those With Cancer
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Stories From
Bag It Friends

Photo of Sandra Valenzuela

Sandra Valenzuela, Volunteer

My involvement as a volunteer with Bag It started 20 years ago in 2003. What started as a couple of weeks of volunteering helping out Sherri Romanoski, ended up being 20 years of being involved in this wonderful organization. I have had the honor of being able to participate in so many events and share my talents in different committees. I continue to volunteer because I have seen first hand the meaningful service and support that it provides to people. For example, my own mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through the treatment. She received one of the first Bag It bags and it was a helpful resource. I believe in the mission of Bag It, and I look forward to continuing my support in any way that I can.”

Darlene Brady photo

Darlene Brady, Volunteer

I’d heard about Bag It from a friend of mine who told me the story of Sherri’s commitment to make information easily available to cancer patients and her founding of Bag It in 2003. It sounded like a great idea, and it became very real to me when my daughter was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 – as soon as I told her, my friend was there with a hug and a Bag It bag. My daughter was grateful for the bag and found comfort in having reliable information put together by someone who’d been there. The bag and contents were something certain that helped us navigate our way through the uncertain times of seemingly never-ending tests and treatments. After my daughter’s recovery, I knew I wanted to give back to Bag It and I started volunteering for various events and projects as they came along. With Bag It, I’ve found a wonderful group of volunteers and staff who are positive, enthusiastic, and committed. As I Listen to stories from other cancer survivors, I know Bag It continues to have a positive impact and I’m grateful to be a part of it.”

Corey Arvizu photoMy story with Bag It begins 20 years ago, shortly after Sherri created the organization. I was invited to a small gathering introducing Bag It to friends and members of the community. After hearing the stories, and meeting all the wonderful people at the event, and most importantly how the bag was such an empowering tool, I knew I wanted to be involved.  A small group of us met soon after to begin planning the first annual fundraising event for Bag It. And we were off to the races. My appreciation for Bag It’s mission only increased with more involvement and meeting all the amazing individuals contributing their time, talent and efforts to Bag It, and that continues today. Special gratitude to Anne, Stan, Don, Sandra and of course Sherri for making my connection to Bag It so special and meaningful for me in those early years.”
Corey Arvizu

I first heard the words “Bag It” and “Fight the Fear” from my dear friend Sherri who was the inspirational force that launched this organization withBob and Anne Hendricks​ just a spark of an idea.  I was blessed and honored to watch that spark turn into a fire.  My role was as the first treasurer to provide accounting guidance and assistance with the non-profit formation.  The best part of working with Sherri and Mindy as an accountant and as a hike fundraising volunteer has been feeling like a part of the wonderful Bag It Family.  I’ve gotten back more than I ever gave and I’m looking forward to the next 20 years as Bag It continues to persevere where it is most needed leaving a trail for others to follow.”  —Anne Hendricks, CPA, Retired

Anne Camerato photoIn the 16 years I have been volunteering with Bag It,  I have seen many changes happen. Bag It’s mission resonated with me because I had lost family members and close friends to different types of cancer and I  liked that Bag It served all those impacted by cancer. All the improvements that have been undertaken lead to growth. Everything from having the Bag assembled by The Beacon Group, translating the English version to Spanish,  developing Bags that target specific types of cancer, all these changes have come about by hard work and dedication, of which I have not seen the likes of anywhere else. The Bag It organization places emphasis on doing whatever it takes to provide the Best Tools available for newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families. By volunteering, sharing Bag It Bags, and supporting financially is my way of allowing Bag It to continue their mission into  the future.”  —Anne Camerato

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Fueling The Next 20 Years

Help Us Build Our Funding Pipeline

To keep a steady stream of Bag It Bags going to cancer patients in need, we are asking you to consider setting up a monthly donation.

When you contribute $20 each month, we can send Bags to 12 people. At the end of each quarter in 2023, we will draw a winner for a $100 Whole Foods gift certiicate.

Take The
Bag It Cancer
Trivia Quiz

In honor of 20 years of Bag It we are going to have a trivia question each month so take a few minutes to explore the website and see if you can find the answers.

February Question

What event, that is taking place this upcoming weekend, has Bag It been the beneficiary of for 10 years?

Submit your answer by Thursday, February 29th at 12pm AZ/3pm EST to be entered into the drawing (correct answers only) for a Starbucks gift card.

Previous answers

January – What is the other key program of Bag It designed for cancer advocates, started in 2011 and will take place this month?  Escape to THRIVE Leadership Conference

Congratulations to our January winner, Margo!


December – What is the name of someone in one of the testimonial videos and what is something they said in their video?  Jennifer Deekins. Bag It helped her understand the fears she was having about the anxiety and helped her ask questions for her oncologist. 

November – Bag It Bags are for any type of cancer but we partner with other organizations to also provide cancer specific bags. How many cancer specific bags do we currently offer?

October – Where were the bags initially put together? And what about now? In Sherri’s Kitchen. At the Beacon Foundation.

September – How many people have been helped by receiving a Bag It Bag? 93,322

August – Where did the idea of a Bag It Bag come from? Sherri Romanoski created the Bag to help provide survivors with reliable information so they can be their own best advocate.

July – Do you know which doctor distributed the first Bag It Bag? Dr. Donald Brooks

City of Tuscon Honors Bag It Cancer With Proclamation

City of Tucson Proclamation for 20 Years