As we start the new year, let’s not just think about resolutions as a list. Identifying both goals and intentions will make for a happier and healthier you.

Goals are specific targets, such as finishing a fitness challenge or learning something new. They give you a plan and a good feeling when you achieve them.Healthier and Happier you in 2024 graphic

Intentions are more about how you want to live your life. It’s like deciding to be positive, enjoy each day, or take care of yourself.

Paired, they give you the why and the how for living a more intentional life.

What to Think About for 2024

Goals: Think about what you want to achieve, like getting healthier, doing well at work, or spending more time with loved ones. Make sure your goals are doable and break them into smaller steps.

Intentions: Consider how you want to approach the year. Maybe focus on staying cheerful, being present in daily activities, or finding balance in your life.

For someone dealing with cancer, goals might be about finishing treatment, managing symptoms or learning about their cancer. Intentions could include prioritizing self-care and doing things that make them happy.

In cancer support, things like Bag It Cancer can help. The Bag It Cancer Bag gives tools and information for goals, and it also shows support and helps with feelings—a bit like a friendly companion.

Balancing goals and intentions is like having a plan and a positive mindset, making life better overall. It’s a great way to start the new year with a focus on feeling good and growing.

Resource To Help You Get Started

Read this article on self-awareness and setting intentions from Psychology Today.