Every 18 to 24 months, we gather a committee of cancer survivors, care partners, oncology care providers, and nonprofit partners to conduct a review of the Bag It Bag. They assess how the current bag content and design are meeting the needs of people with cancer, their care partners, families, and the healthcare providers who care for them. The group also considers how the Bag could be improved.

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The feedback we received from our recent review was thoughtful and insightful, as always. The consensus was that the significant revisions made to the Bag in 2019 continue to benefit the quality of the materials. Some helpful suggestions on ways to refresh and enhance some of the content were also offered.

The Covid-19 pandemic did not prevent us from completing this important process or continuing our work. For the Bag It Team, the challenges it brought reinforced that this valuable resource is critical for those dealing with cancer, renewing our commitment to our mission of educating, supporting, and empowering those impacted by cancer.

2022 Bag It Bag Updates

Paths to Survivorship Booklet

We added new information about dealing with potential cancer treatment side effects such as hot flashes, bone health, and genital and urinary problems, which are common for some types of cancer. It is important for people to understand all of their rights and options to best navigate their situations related to work, disability and health insurance, and managing finances. Triage Cancer provided valuable content on these legal and practical issues. 

Paths to Survivorship CoverAn overview about genetic and biomarker testing explains what they are and, when ordered by your doctor, how the test results can help your cancer care team offer you the most tailored options for effective treatment of your cancer. Your doctor will determine if this type of testing is appropriate for you.

This booklet includes helpful lists of questions you can ask your healthcare team based on where you are in your diagnosis and treatment:

  • Questions to ask your healthcare team about your diagnosis
  • Questions to ask your healthcare team about cancer treatment
  • Questions to ask your healthcare team about follow-up care
  • Questions to ask your healthcare team about late and long-term side effects
  • Questions to ask your healthcare team about living with chronic or advanced cancer

Here are printable versions of the questions to take with you to your appointments. You’ll also find other Self-Advocacy Tips and A Survivorship Checklist. 

Paths to Survivorship (and all the booklets and forms in the bag) can be downloaded for free on our website. Want to share this great publication with others? You can email it in PDF format or send them the link to the Bag it Bag.

My Companion Guidebook

It goes without saying that there’s a lot of information coming your way when you or someone close to you is diagnosed with cancer. It can be overwhelming. A great deal of paperwork is given to you by your providers, and there is much to keep track of in an accurate and consistent manner. 

My Companion Guidebook photoMy Companion Guidebook is a helpful way to organize everything in one place to ensure you have access to what you need, when you need it. We’ve made some tweaks to make it easier to sort and store your records in the various sections, and added more tips on how to make the most of your appointments.  There’s also a handy new page to keep a running list of your questions for your next doctor visit.

Blank copies of the forms to print or the fillable PDF format can be found on our Bag It Bag page

Resources, Resources, and More Resources!

Did you know Bag It’s online Resource Center houses over 150 vetted websites covering a wide range of cancer topics? Whether you want education about your cancer type or to find support services out there that can help you or your family along the way, we’ve done the legwork to save you time and to bring you resources you can rely on.

At the same time, we also realize that not everyone has equal access to or is as comfortable using the internet. That’s why we added two new pages to My Companion Guidebook listing many helpful organizations to assist with some of the most common and pressing needs that cancer can bring. (Phone numbers are also listed in case you prefer to call and speak to someone there.)

Topics include:

New Companion Book Topics 2022

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