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Bag It & SHARE: Guiding You Through Cancer

Bag It has partnered with SHARE Cancer Support to provide you the valuable Bag It Bag. In addition to ordering a standard Bag or a uterine cancer specific Bag you can learn more about SHARE and the support they offer for anyone affected by women’s cancers.

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Cancer doesn’t come with a map, so we help you create one with our take everywhere binder designed to organize your appointments and records. Need reliable cancer information, coping tips, support, questions to ask? It’s all in the bag.

What’s in the Bag

Current, Comprehensive, and Customizable
Our goal is to help empower patients, through information, to help them navigate a cancer diagnosis. From initial diagnosis, throughout treatment, and in to all phases of survivorship, Bag It guides patients on how to talk to their healthcare providers, ask questions, and serve as the most important advocate on their care team.

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Bag It Guidebook at an angle

My Companion Guidebook

  • Convenient storage of personal medical information & records
  • Calendars and checklists to stay organized
  • Glossary and other resources from respected cancer authorities
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Printed Publications

  • Healthy eating & physical activity; coping with side effects
  • Emotional support; communicating with others
  • Support for caregivers, families and friends
  • Personal journal
  • Questions to ask, practical matters and much more

SHARE Cancer Support

SHARE Cancer Support provides dedicated, experienced support for anyone affected by women’s cancers. All of SHARE’s services are free of charge.

SHARE’s services include:

  • National breast, ovarian, uterine, and metastatic breast cancer Helplines
  • Expert-led educational programs and support groups
  • Educational tools, videos and webinars for patients, caregivers, family & friends
  • Clinical trial assistance
  • Survivor-patient navigation
  • HealthUnlocked online community

And more. Call toll-free 844.ASK.SHARE (844.275.7427) to talk to someone who’s been there about breast, ovarian, uterine, or metastatic breast cancer in English, Spanish, and 17 other languages.

Be part of a community with those who DO know what it’s like, who HAVE been there, and who CAN help. You won’t feel alone or lost with Bag It and SHARE Cancer Support as your guides.

SHARE uterine bag contents fanned out

Uterine Cancer Bag It Bag

SHARE and Bag It have teamed up to provide a new Bag It bag specially designed for those affected by uterine/endometrial cancer. This bag includes all the contents shown above PLUS information about:

  • Need-to-know uterine/endometrial cancer basics and terminology (stages, grades, types)
  • Questions to ask your healthcare team about your diagnosis and treatment
  • Types of treatments for uterine/endometrial cancer
  • Genetic testing
  • Clinical Trials – what they are, questions to ask, where to find them
  • The free support services offered by SHARE (see above)


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Watch the Making the Most of Your Bag It Bag Video

NOTE:  The Bag It Bag was updated in 2022 and some content in this video may look different than the bag you have. Updates include:

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