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Celebrating Cancer Survivors

Survivorship begins at the day of diagnosis and continues…well, for the rest of your life. There are more than 16.9 million people in the U.S. alive today after being diagnosed with cancer.  Are you a Bag It Bag user?  Learn how to share your experience.

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Two Escape to THRIVE Conference Alums Talk Cancer Advocacy

Andrea Ivory and Betsy Glosik share how the leadership conference impacted their cancer advocacy and why it is so unique and beneficial to their own advocacy. Our podcast–Your Guide Through Cancer–is hosted by Mindy Griffith, Executive Director.

Coping With Cancer

Bag It Cancer Resources – Bag It

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The Bag It Cancer Resource Bag – Bag It

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Knowledge is power.

That’s why Bag It brings together the most requested and researched cancer information into a single resource.
It’s not just information. It’s the right information, right when you need it most.

Our All New Bag It Bag

​We’re proud to introduce our completely updated and redesigned Bag It bag! Along with our new brand, new logo, and new website, we’ve updated the most popular content and introduced some new materials for patients, caregivers, and advocates.


Be sure to check out:

  • A new, lightweight, convenient bag
  • The new My Companion Guidebook
  • Updated resource booklets
  • Our All New Paths to Survivorship booklet
  • A personalized pocket journal
  • —And more!

Making the Most of your Bag It Bag

Be Your Best Advocate

Have you been diagnosed with cancer? Then you are a Survivor. Bag It resources touch on topics that support anyone, at any stage of diagnosis, with any type of cancer. From nutrition, to talking to your employer about cancer, to taking care of the caregiver, the Bag It bag is a wealth of information, and will help each Survivor to become your very best self-advocate.

Caregivers Of Cancer Patients – Bag It

The Bag It bag & guidebook were given to me by my breast surgeon when a mammogram found my cancer.
The Bag It notebook was the best possible item to organize all the doctor’s notes, tests, and other medical info. It’s extremely well thought out. The doctors were so impressed they have everything that was needed! I still have the notebook and use it 5 years later.


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Coping with Cancer– Bag It

Escape to THRIVE Leadership Conference for Cancer  Advocates

In addition to our resources for patients and caregivers, Bag It presents the annual Escape to THRIVE Conference. This one-of-a-kind conference experience offers the latest in oncology and patient education with courses on well-being and balance.

Cultural Sensitivity Is More Than Language Translation

Bag It Cancer continually reviews the Bag to ensure it is as helpful as it can be for those living with cancer. This spring we conducted research through a series of interviews and focus groups of Latino and Hispanic survivors, caregivers and other stakeholders for...

Is Your Oncology Patient-Care Team Complete?

Every cancer patient deserves the best care possible. There isn't a provider on the planet who disagrees with that. For many cancer centers and health systems, the best means putting together an all-star team capable of meeting the full needs of the patient, including...

A Healthcare Provider’s Role in Patient Education

For many patients, except for a fellow cancer survivor, no one other than their healthcare provider understands how devastating a cancer diagnosis can be. When worry or smiles turn to fear, anger, or sadness, providers are there. While some providers have long...

6 Ways to Mind Your Mind During Cancer

We all know that a cancer diagnosis can be life-changing for everyone. Its impact isn't just reserved to the physical changes experienced by patients, but also the mental health toll it can have on patients, families, friends, and entire communities. In recognition of...

Bag It & Tucson Cancer Conquerors Invite You To The Survivor Breakfast

Join Us As We Celebrate You!WHEN:  Sunday, June 5th, 8:00-10:30 AM WHERE:  Community Foundation Campus (5049 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85711)Read's article about how this Breakfast honors cancer survivors.Bag It Cancer and The Tucson Cancer Conquerors are...

4 Tips To Improve Your Medical Records Management

Be prepared for every visit.Manage your healthcare better. April is National Records and Information Management Month! Keeping comprehensive and accurate medical records can empower you and your healthcare team to make the best decisions for your care. So much of what...

Cancer advocacy, storytelling, and survivorship with Dr. Veronika Panagiotou

In this episode of Bag It’s podcast, Your Guide Through Cancer, host and Executive Director, Mindy Griffith chats with Dr. Veronika Panagiotou, who currently serves as the advocacy and program manager at the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship.  She was...

The Time is Right for Social Work

Most people know that social workers exist, however, most people don’t fully understand what Social Workers do and the many ways that they can help.  If they know one personally, they know they work hard and invest a lot of time and themselves in the people that they...

It’s Cancer Prevention Month

We wish we could say that all cancer is preventable if you just follow these steps, but that is not the case. However, research has shown that more than 40 percent of all cancers diagnosed can be attributed to preventable causes. That is why February is dedicated to...
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